Parker Update!

We have Parker ring the “Potty bell” when he need to go potty. He has been getting better at ringing the potty bell and not peeing in the house, but he still has lots of accidents. A new trick he has learned is “Other Paw” It’s where we say “Paw” and he sticks up one paw, then we say “Other Paw” and he sticks up his other paw. We have also been trying to teach him the name of his toy. The one that we are teaching is “Piggy” So we say “Go get Piggy” and he is supposed to go get his pig toy.

Parker Comes Home!

On November 21st Parker comes home! He is extremely cold because he grew up in Texas, Houston and now he’s in Oregon, Corvallis. We have been training him, so far has has learned the commands “Sit”, “Paw”, and “Down”! He is not quite potty trained. He has pooped in the house twice. And has peed in the house too many times to count. He has been having playdates with our neighbors dog, Wasabi! Wasabi is a Austrian Labradoodle, and he is 5 months old!

Parker Is Born

On the 21 first of September Parker was born! His mother Izzy is a bicolor (The beagle has two colors on it) and his father is a tricolor (The beagle has three colors on it). We are looking for a boy tricolor beagle. In his litter mates there are 4 other boys and 5 girls. Parker has not yet opened his eyes.


Welcome to Parker The Beagle’s Blog! Hopefully Parker will be born on the 16th of September! Although we are not sure because the breeder might choose to keep the boys or the Parent beagles might not give birth to a boy. Parker will be born in Texas, Houston, because of Covid the puppy will be unable to be shipped to us so we will have to go to Houston to pick him up. We will be posting about Parker throughout his life! Hope you enjoy reading Parkers blog!